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A Strategic Approach to Planning Hospital IT and EMR Projects

February 9, 2021, Tuesday at 6 PM Online Lecture: A Strategic Approach to Planning Hospital IT and EMR Projects In this online lecture, we will teach a strategic IT planning framework for your hospital IT projects and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) initiatives. This framework will show you how to: Align your IT projects with business objectives Build a business case with management Plan out your projects in 3-5 year segments A sample output of the talk will be a Hospital IT and EMR Road Map...

Building the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Road Map for your Hospital

EMR Road Map for Hospital Online Lecture on Feb-02-2021, Tuesday at 6:00 PM — In this online lecture, we will share lessons and tips on drafting the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Road Map, laying down the technological foundations, and starting the digital transformation journey for your hospital.

Implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for Hospitals

December 14, 2020, Monday at 4:00 PM — This lecture share lessons, learnings and tips in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) implementations for hospitals. This presentation will also describe how to use the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) in planning your projects.

Is your hospital ready for an EMR?

Health Engine

Health Engine is an Integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and suite of Enterprise IT Solution for Hospitals and Clinics, specifically designed and developed to match the needs and requirements of Philippine hospitals.

It jumpstarts the digital transformation process for hospitals by enhancing clinical care documentation, streamlining operational processes and engaging patients and key stakeholders.

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