MedProjects founder and CEO Dr. Mike Muin talks about the potential and challenges of Big Data in Healthcare, outlines steps to building a data-driven hospital at the 6th annual convention of the Healthcare Executives Society of the Philippines

The tidal wave of data presents challenges and opportunities for hospital executives looking to improve bottom line and patient care. “By fully utilizing data, hospital executives can gain insights and optimize business processes to meet their objectives,” said Dr. Muin, co-founder and CEO of MedProjects, a Healthcare IT company committed to help Philippine hospitals and healthcare organizations achieve their strategic business and IT goals.

Dr. Muin, who was guest speaker at the recent annual convention of the Healthcare Executives Society of the Philippines, is optimistic about the potential of big data in healthcare.

“Hospital executives need to take data management seriously,” he said. “Beyond improving profits, big data in healthcare could be used to deliver better care at lower costs and more importantly, improve quality of life.” Some valuable streams of data in healthcare that could be generated and analyzed for insights: treatments not delivering demonstrable benefits, treatments that are costing too much, replacements for such treatments, and patients with highest utilization of resources.

“If hospitals could capture data and start to create value out of it, doctors could diagnose early warning signs of a serious illness, predict illnesses better, and prescribe simpler treatments at less costs,” Dr. Muin said. “But data in the hospital remains very fragmented and unstructured — meaning handwritten; and many hospitals have not adopted any standards at all.”

Hospitals need to get down to basics. To put big data plans on a solid foundation, hospitals “should start with re-aligning their strategies to their core business.”

“Design and align your IT roadmap with your business objectives,” Dr. Muin recommended. “Following a defined strategy — applying the right technologies, and working with the right implementation partners — hospitals can gain an important competitive edge.”

MedProjects, Muin added, is ready to work with hospitals in the Philippines. “We are experts in hospital IT projects. We look forward to the opportunity ahead to help Philippine hospitals transform healthcare.”

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