Healthcare Integration

We are Health IT experts. Our depth of HL7 integration experience is incomparable to other Philippine companies. We started using HL7 and Mirth Connect (now Nextgen Connect) in integration projects since 2008. We have integrated hospital information systems, laboratory information systems, radiology information systems and even document management systems using HL7, XML, JMS and other protocols.

Healthcare Interoperability Standards

We’ve worked with different Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and other diagnostic ancillary IT systems using HL7 version 2 and other integration protocols. We have also used HL7 CDA and FHIR for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) implementations.

Open Source Integration Engine

Our team of Integration Specialists has used Mirth Connect (now Nextgen Connect) since 2008. We are proficient in deploying instances, building channels and managing integration engine installations.

Customized Integration Protocols

Not all systems use Health IT and Interoperability standards. We have worked on several integration projects involving JSON, XML, CSV, ASTM and PDF transfers. Whatever the requirement, we find a way to make the integration work.

API (Application Programming Interfaces) Development

Our software development and integration team have been working with different API methodologies for the past few years. We can help you move to a more flexible and robust architecture for your integration requirements.

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Mirth Connect

Mirth Connect Integration Engine

Mirth Connect, now called NextGen Connect, is an open source cross-platform HL7 interface engine that enables bi-directional sending of HL7 messages and other messaging protocols between systems and applications. It allows exchanges of clinical messages between HIS, LIS, RIS and other Healthcare IT systems.

We’ve been working with HL7, along with other data exchange protocols, for over 10 years. We’re early users and adopters of the Mirth Connect Integration Engine and we’ve helped several hospitals integrate their hospital information systems with several other IT systems, including laboratory information systems, radiology information systems and electronic medical records platforms.

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Is your hospital ready for an EMR?

Health Engine

Health Engine is an Integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform specifically designed and developed to match the needs and requirements of Philippine hospitals and clinics.

It jumpstarts the digital transformation process for hospitals by enhancing clinical care documentation, streamlining operational processes and engaging patients and key stakeholders.

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