Health Engine is an integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform that helps hospitals achieve operational efficiencies and better care for their patients.

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What is Health Engine?

Health Engine is an Integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform specifically designed and developed to match the needs and requirements of Philippine hospitals and clinics.

It jumpstarts the digital transformation process for hospitals by enhancing clinical care documentation, streamlining operational processes and engaging patients and key stakeholders.


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Featured Healthcare IT Solutions

Health Engine

Hospital Information System

Everything you need to run your hospital–from admission to billing, from ordering to inventory, from dietary to accounting. PhilHealth and DOH reports are also included. 

Clinic Management System

A robust IT system for outpatient clinics and ambulatory services. It handles patient registration, ordering, inventory and patient billing.

Electronic Medical Records Platform

Electronic medical records (EMR) software that automates the documentation, storage and retrieval of patient records. Designed for use by doctors, nurses and other members of the care team.

Ancillary Results Management System

A results data entry and management system for the different diagnostic centers and ancillary departments in the hospital.

Medical Records Management System

A healthcare-oriented document management system and chart tracking software for the Medical Records department of the hospital.


Patient Portal

A secure cloud-based system that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Healthcare Integration Engine

Integrate multiple IT systems across the hospital. We can standardize and exchange data across systems like HIS, LIS, RIS, PACS, clinical data repositories, ERP and Accounting systems.


Reports and Data Analytics

Manage your online presence and engage with patients and key stakeholders.

We don’t just implement technology. We help transform healthcare.

Our Consulting and Professional Services

Healthcare IT Consulting

MedProjects provides a wide range of Healthcare IT services. Our consultants and staff have extensive experiences in implementing and managing various Health IT projects for major hospitals.

Business Process Improvement

Ready to improve, streamline and standardize your clinical workflows and business processes? We are here to help. Our experts have training and experiences in implementing best practices for quality and patient safety, including JCI accreditation standards and Lean Six Sigma.

Healthcare Integration and Interoperability Standards

We are Health IT experts. We’ve worked with HL7 standards for years and we’ve successfully integrated different IT systems using an open source integration engine for different interoperability standards, including HL7 v2, FHIR, XML, JSON, CSV and raw text files.

Our Implementation Experiences

We have implementation experiences in the following healthcare and enterprise IT applications:

  • Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)
  • Radiology Information Systems (RIS)
  • Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Patient Portals
  • Telemedicine (including Teleradiology, Tele-Ophthalmology and Tele-ICU)
  • Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)
  • HL7 and Integration Engines
  • Clinical Data Repositories
  • Clinical Data Warehouses

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