Healthcare IT Consulting

MedProjects provides a wide range of Healthcare IT services. Our consultants and staff have extensive experiences in implementing and managing various Health IT projects for major hospitals. Our services include, but is not limited to:

Strategic Hospital IT Planning / EMR Road Map Building

We help hospitals plan for the future. Our experienced Health IT consultants work together with hospital management to deliver long-term strategic plans and road maps for Hospital IT projects. We make sure IT investments are aligned with the business goals of the hospital. Our plans make sure IT becomes a strategic advantage for patient care.

Software Product Development and Design

We help hospitals design, develop and implement customized Healthcare IT software solutions, whether through their in-house developers, through software development partners, or through our own software development team.

Vendor Software Selection and Evaluation

Over the years, we’ve worked with several IT vendors and medical solutions providers to help hospitals achieve desired results and outcomes. We can help hospitals identify the requirements, draft the vendor evaluation criteria, and recommend next steps and action plans.

Project Management and Clinical Systems Analysis

Whether you’re building your own Hospital IT system or implementing an EMR product, we have experienced projects managers and systems analysts to help you out. Our team of experts have a proven track record of successful project implementations and outcomes.

HL7 Integration and Healthcare Interoperability

Our depth of HL7 integration experience is incomparable to other local companies. We started using HL7 and Mirth Connect in integration projects since 2008. We have integrated hospital information systems, laboratory information systems, radiology information systems and even document management systems using HL7, XML, JMS and other protocols.

Telemedicine Consulting and Implementation

We help hospitals extend their services beyond hospital walls. Our team has implemented several telemedicine technologies, including remote consultation, remote devices, Teleradiology, Tele-Ophthalmology, Tele-Critical Care and other telemedicine programs.

Is your hospital ready for an EMR?

Health Engine

Health Engine is an Integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform specifically designed and developed to match the needs and requirements of Philippine hospitals and clinics.

It jumpstarts the digital transformation process for hospitals by enhancing clinical care documentation, streamlining operational processes and engaging patients and key stakeholders.

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