What is Health Engine?

Health Engine

Health Engine is an Integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and suite of Enterprise IT Solution for Hospitals and Clinics, specifically designed and developed to match the needs and requirements of Philippine hospitals.

It jumpstarts the digital transformation process for hospitals by enhancing clinical care documentation, streamlining operational processes and engaging patients and key stakeholders.

Health Engine Screenshots

What is the Competitive Edge of Health Engine?

  • Built by Health IT and Business Process experts. Health Engine is designed, developed and implemented by experienced healthcare professionals specifically for Philippine hospitals. These experts have developed and designed hospital IT systems for top hospitals including St. Luke’s Medical Center and The Medical City.
  • IT Systems and Process Improvement go hand in hand. Our team of experts have extensive hospital operational experience. We are not IT people. We are hospital people. Our service offerings include business process improvement initiatives and focus on bringing value beyond the IT systems by improving business operations, introducing best practices, and reviewing clinical workflows.
  • We build relationships—not just software. We are keen on partnering with innovative hospitals who have a vision of making a difference in Philippine Healthcare. Our focus is quality, not quantity. We’d rather have a small group of highly-successful hospital implementations with long-term partners than hundreds of so-so installations with many dissatisfied clients.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Platform for Hospitals

Electronic medical records (EMR) software automates the documentation, storage and retrieval of patient records.

Health Engine EMR


Appointment and Scheduling

An integrated, hospital-wide scheduling and appointment booking feature for doctors, therapists, staff and even resources.

  • Set appointments with doctors, staff and ambulatory services
  • Schedule laboratory tests and radiology procedures
  • Manage resources, e.g. equipment, rooms, using one centralized module
  • Integrated with Patient Portal and Mobile App

Clinical Workspace / Hospital-wide Results Viewing

A unified, patient-centric view of relevant patient information, diagnostic results, radiology reports and patient chart documentation.

  • Developed for clinicians (doctors and nurses)
  • View patient profile and demographics
  • Get notified when new test results are finalized
  • Review diagnostic results and reports in report, table or graph formats
  • Read and review clinical documents, SOAP and progress notes
  • View scanned patient charts from previous visits (via MRMS)

Outpatient Department and Ambulatory Services

A set of specialized modules for various ambulatory services, such as Cancer Centers, Diabetes clinics, and other outpatient centers of excellence in the hospital.

  • Appointment booking and calendars
  • Outpatient charting and notes
  • Automatically add follow-up schedules
  • Integrated with CPOE and E-Prescription

Charting and Clinical Documentation

A robust data entry system for clinical documentation powered by a forms engine to manage different documentation requirements, such as progress notes, discharge summaries, operative techniques, and even PhilHealth forms.

  • Developed for clinicians (doctors and nurses)
  • Nursing charting for care plans, assessment and notes
  • Comes with flowsheets for vital signs, intake and output, IV fluids
  • Comes with built-in forms and templates
  • Management of various diagnoses including PhilHealth and ICD-10 requirements
  • Centralized management of past medical history
  • Integrated with CPOE and E-Prescription
  • Use workflows to manage document drafts and approvals
  • Develop customized forms using our powerful Forms Engine

Ancillary Results Management System (ARMS)

A results data entry and management system for the different diagnostic centers and ancillary departments in the hospital. Computerization of ancillary services is a critical step towards improving patient care services and clinical outcomes.

Health Engine ARMS


  • Ability to digitize 100% of all diagnostic results in the hospital
  • Dedicated results data entry modules for laboratory and radiology
  • Customized and dedicated modules for cardiology and nuclear medicine
  • Can be customized for other ancillary results and procedures
  • Monitor order status–from receiving orders to releasing of results
  • Standardize result report formats across different departments
  • Manage document draft and approval workflows
  • Speed up results delivery to healthcare providers
  • Integrated with Clinical Workspace
  • HL7-ready for integration with other Health IT systems

Medical Records Management System (MRMS)

A Patient-Centric document management system and chart tracking software designed for the Medical Records Department of hospitals.

Health Engine MRMS


  • Storage, retrieval and indexing of scanned patient charts
  • Unified view and access for clinicians via Clinical Workspace
  • Manage and track status of physical charts
  • Integrated with Enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI)
  • Integrated with Clinical Workspace
  • HL7-ready for integration with Hospital Information Systems

Patient Portal

A secure cloud-based system that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Health Engine Patient Portal Mobile App


  • Online results viewing
  • Hospital news and articles
  • Doctors directory
  • Access multiple patient accounts
  • Online appointment and scheduling
  • Driving directions and contact information
  • Integrated with Mobile App