Health Engine

What is Health Engine?

Health Engine is an integrated suite of hospital IT applications composed of 3 major platforms:

  • The Clinical Platform is the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to help doctors, nurses and clinical staff manage patient information.
  • The Community Platform is the Social Intranet for Work to help hospital employees communicate and collaborate better.
  • The Cloud Platform is the Website and Portals for better patient engagement and improve customer loyalty.

What is the Competitive Edge of Health Engine?

  • Built by Health IT and Business Process experts. Health Engine is designed, developed and implemented by experienced healthcare professionals specifically for Philippine hospitals. These experts have developed and designed hospital IT systems for top hospitals including St. Luke’s Medical Center and The Medical City.
  • IT Systems and Process Improvement go hand in hand. Our team of experts have extensive hospital operational experience. We are not IT people. We are hospital people. Our service offerings include business process improvement initiatives and focus on bringing value beyond the IT systems by improving business operations, introducing best practices, and reviewing clinical workflows.
  • We build relationships—not just software. We are keen on partnering with innovative hospitals who have a vision of making a difference in Philippine Healthcare. Our focus is quality, not quantity. We’d rather have a small group of highly-successful hospital implementations with long-term partners than hundreds of so-so installations with many dissatisfied clients.