What is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system?

How is it different from a Hospital Information System (HIS)?

According to the HIMSS EHR Definitional Model, the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System is:

“a secure, real-time, point-of-care, patient-centric information resource for clinicians. The EHR aids clinicians’ decision-making by providing access to patient health record information when they need it and incorporating evidence-based decision support. The EHR automates and streamlines the clinician’s workflow, ensuring all clinical information is communicated and ameliorates delays in response that result in delays or gaps in care.”

Here are the key points to consider about Electronic Medical Records:

  1. It provides real-time access to patient health information.
  2. It captures data from various clinical data sources.
  3. It is used by clinicians as a primary information resource in the delivery of patient care.

A Hospital Information System (HIS) is a critical IT system for hospital operations to manage patient registrations, charging of orders and patient billing. It is the starting point of digital transformation for hospitals. However, an HIS is not an EMR.

EMR with doctors

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Here’s a quick comparison table between and an HIS and an EMR:




Primary Users

  • Admitting Department
  • Billing Department
  • Charging Clerks and Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Residents/Fellows
  • Interns

Stored Data

  • Patient Demographics
  • Billing Details
  • Orders and Charges
  • PhilHealth Claims
  • Past Medical Histories
  • Allergies
  • Diagnostic Results
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Doctor’s Notes
  • Nursing Plans

Type of Transactions

  • Patient Registrations
  • Admissions
  • Discharges
  • Transfers
  • Orders and Charges
  • Review of Results
  • Results Data Entry
  • Progress Notes
  • Clinical Abstracts
  • Medications
  • Clinical Orders

Main Purpose

  • Manage patient information, charges and billing.
  • Manage hospital operations.
  • Patient charting and clinical documentation.
  • Manage patient care process.


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